Pamela C. Yelick Publications

Tooth Repair and Regeneration: Potential of Dental Stem Cells
1 May 2021, Trends in Molecular Medicine 27(5):501-511, Zhang W, Yelick PC

Bioengineering tooth bud constructs using GelMA hydrogel
1 Jan 2019 Methods in Molecular Biology 1922:139-150, Smith EE, Yelick PC

Craniofacial tissue engineering
1 Jan 2018 Cold Spring Harbor Perspectives in Medicine 8(1), Zhang W, Yelick PC

Advances and perspectives in tooth tissue engineering
1 Sep 2017 Journal of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine 11(9):2443-2461, Monteiro N, Yelick PC

GelMA-Encapsulated hDPSCs and HUVECs for Dental Pulp Regeneration
1 Feb 2017 Journal of Dental Research 96(2):192-199, Khayat A, Monteiro N, Smith EE, Pagni S, Zhang W

Progress in Bioengineered Whole Tooth Research: from Bench to Dental Patient Chair
1 Dec 2016 Current Oral Health Reports 3(4):302-308, Smith EE, Yelick PC

Luiz E. Bertassoni Publications

3D-printed microgels supplemented with dentin matrix molecules as a novel biomaterial for direct pulp capping
Clinical Oral Investigations 2022, Diana CunhaNayara SouzaManuela MoreiraNara RodriguesPaulo SilvaCristiane FrancaSivaporn HorsophonphongAshley SerciaRamesh SubbiahAnthony TahayeriJack FerracanePamela YelickVicente SaboiaLuiz Bertassoni

Self-assembly peptide P11-4 induces mineralization and cell-migration of odontoblast-like cells
Journal of Dentistry Jun 2022, Isaac Jordão de Souza AraújoGustavo Narvaes GuimarãesRenato Assis MachadoLuiz Eduardo BertassoniRobert Philip Wynn DaviesRegina Maria Puppin-Rontani

Biomaterial and Biofilm Interactions with the Pulp-Dentin Complex-on-a-Chip
Journal of Dental Research 2021, N. S. RodriguesC. M. FrançaA. TahayeriZ. RenV. P.A. SaboiaA. J. SmithJ. L. FerracaneH. KooL. E. Bertassoni

Impact of biomineralization on resin/biomineralized dentin bond longevity in a minimally invasive
Equivalence of human and bovine dentin matrix molecules for dental pulp regeneration
Archives of Oral Biology Nov 2020, Sivaporn HorsophonphongAshley SerciaCristiane M. FrançaAnthony TahayeriAshok P. ReddyPhillip A. WilmarthRudee SuraritAnthony J. SmithJack L. FerracaneLuiz E. Bertassoni

Progress and Challenges in Microengineering the Dental Pulp Vascular Microenvironment
Journal of Endodontics Sep 2020, Luiz E. Bertassoni

Other Publications

1. “Regenerative Endodontics: A Review of Current Status and a Call for Action” by Peter Murray et al. (2007)

This paper is often credited as the landmark publication that introduced the concept of regenerative endodontics. It provides an overview of the principles and techniques involved in regenerating dental tissues and highlights the potential of this approach in treating immature teeth with pulp necrosis.

2. “Tissue Engineering of Dental Pulp Using Stem Cells from Deciduous Teeth” by Songtao Shi et al. (2005)

This paper describes the isolation and characterization of dental pulp stem cells from deciduous teeth (baby teeth) and their potential for regenerating dental pulp tissue. It demonstrates the feasibility of using stem cells from a readily available and non-controversial source for regenerative endodontics.

3. “Guidelines for the Treatment of Traumatic Dental Injuries: 1. Fractures and Luxations of Permanent Teeth” by Jens O. Andreasen et al. (2012)

While not exclusively focused on regenerative endodontics, this paper provides important guidelines for the treatment of traumatic dental injuries, including root fractures and luxations. It emphasizes the importance of pulp preservation and discusses various regenerative techniques that can be employed in these cases.

4. “Regeneration of Dental Pulp Tissue in Immature Teeth with Apical Periodontitis Using Platelet-Rich Plasma and Dental Stem Cells” by Ashraf Fouad et al. (2014)

This study explores the use of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and dental stem cells for regenerating dental pulp tissue in immature teeth with apical periodontitis. The findings highlight the potential of PRP as a scaffold and the regenerative capacity of dental stem cells in promoting pulp tissue regeneration.

5. “Clinical Considerations for Regenerative Endodontic Procedures” by Neha Jaiswal et al. (2013)

This review article discusses the clinical considerations and protocols for performing regenerative endodontic procedures. It provides an overview of the essential steps, such as disinfection, bleeding induction, scaffold placement, and the use of growth factors, to achieve successful regeneration of dental pulp tissue.