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Regenerative endodontics is an emerging field in dentistry that aims to restore the health and function of the dental pulp, the soft tissue located within the root canal space of a tooth. Traditionally, when the dental pulp becomes infected or damaged due to tooth decay or trauma, it is removed through a procedure called root canal therapy. However, regenerative endodontics takes a different approach by attempting to regenerate the pulp tissue rather than removing it entirely.

The goal of RegendoDent is to promote the formation of new dentin, pulp tissue, and blood vessels within the root canal space, leading to the recovery of the natural function and vitality of the tooth. This approach is especially beneficial for immature teeth, which have not fully developed and still have thin, fragile root walls. By regenerating the pulp tissue, the tooth can continue its normal development and become stronger.

Results from our preliminary studies demonstrate that RegendoGEL induces rapid and controllable formation of a dentin bridge immediately adjacent to the product, while at the same time promoting controlled and non-inflammatory regeneration of the underlying dental pulp. It has been shown to accomplish this as much as 5 times faster than existing products in the market.

RegendoGEL stimulates the tooth’s own healing process, recruiting specialized cells present in the dental pulp to stimulate the growth of new pulp tissue, blood vessels, and dentin. This process helps to restore the vitality and function of the tooth, improving its long-term prognosis. It allows for the preservation of the natural tooth structure, eliminates the need for artificial materials, and promotes continued root development in immature teeth.

The RegendoGEL Solution: Fast Regeneration

Bioactive Resorbable Tooth-derived Regenerative Material

Fast Dentin Regeneration by 5 days